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Parents who spank their children tend to see it as an important, effective, and useful tool in teaching kids how to behave. For many parents, corporal punishment is viewed as a personal decision with merits. While child health and development experts point to research that indicates that physical punishment is not effective and puts kids at risk for a number of negative outcomes, research shows that spanking is practiced in many homes. As many as 83 percent of kids in America have been punished physically by their parents by the fifth grade, according to Liz Gershoff, Ph. Here are some of the arguments that have been made by those who support corporal punishment, and what child discipline experts say about the practice.
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The Worst (and Weirdest) Parenting Advice From Every Decade Since the 1900s

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Correcting Toddler Behavior - Biting, Hitting, & Throwing - Parenting | Baby Corner

In an ideal world, spanking would never happen. However, some parents feel that on rare occasions it may be necessary to smack their child's bottom. This article does not intend to either promote or discourage spanking, but rather is intended to give parents the facts, and when necessary, the correct instruction on how to spank your child in the safest way. Spanking is a much-debated topic.

Correcting Toddler Behavior - Biting, Hitting, & Throwing

I just read your article "Positive Discipline" and have to completely disagree. And I'll explain why. For instance, you say, "As a result, kids who are physically disciplined are not only more likely to repeat problem behavior than other kids, but are more likely to exhibit increasingly worse behavior, including deception. Yet he routinely hits, kicks, knocks his brothers over and worse. With all the the praise and positive reinforcement, you'd think this kid would be begging to be good but at least once a day, he acts in a manner he knows is going to hurt someone else.
Moms, especially new ones, are put in a terrible position: They're expected to automatically know everything there is to know about how to be a perfect parent you are a woman, aren't you? It can feel overwhelming, leaving mothers to wonder who to believe. And nowhere is that more true than when it comes to "tried and true" advice passed down through the generations.
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